Freestanding guardrail system

The Freestanding rooftop guardrail is a system without fixing weighted by counterweights, exclusively for securing roofing decks not publicly accessible. It is recommended when it is not possible to fix the railing on the parapet or the slab. It ensures the collective protection of a new or old building.




Post Height

System Scale


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usage specification

                                           ① The minimum vertical height of upright is 1100mm                                   ② The maximum height between handrail and kneerail is 470/500mm 

                                           ③ The maximum allowed space between wall and first post is 500mm        ④ The maximum allowed space between free end and post is 500mm

                                           ⑤ The maxmium allowed span between posts is 1750/2500mm                  ⑥ The base moudle length is 1330/1630mm





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