INCLINED Parapet guardrail system

The inclined permanent railing system is designed for areas where non-penetrating guardrail would not work properly.The parapet railing system allows for the installer to connect to the existing parapet without penetrating the roof membrane and provides a barrier that does not become a trip hazard while working around equipment.permanent guardrail




Post Height

System Scale


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usage specification

                                           ① The minimum vertical height of upright is 1100mm                                  ② The maximum height between handrail and kneerail is 470/500mm 

                                           ③ The maximum allowed space between wall and first post is 500mm       ④ The maximum allowed space between free end and post is 500mm

                                           ⑤ The maxmium allowed span between posts is 1750/2500mm                  ⑥ The thickness of parapet should be greater than 120mm



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